The ultimate serve

Open a cold bottle and put it in your Kaelo – that’s it.
Kaelo’s patented technology is ready instantly and your wine will be perfectly chilled until the very last drop.


Why Kaelo?

Every drop at the right temperature

Ice buckets are so much hassle that people rarely use them at home, so the quality of their wine gets worse with every glass. Even when they are used they are far too cold and the over-chilling numbs the flavours and aromas that you value in a wine.
Kaelo keeps the bottle at just the right temperature and ensures you can enjoy your white wine or champagne just as their makers intended.

Instant and simple

One touch activates and cools the Kaelo, so it is immediately ready for a chilled bottle. No preparation needed, no waiting time required (and the shortest user manual you’ll ever read).

Completely dry

Kaelo uses electricity, and nothing else, to create a cold-air jacket so the bottle remains chilled and dry. There’s no need for ice, water or refills, so there is no mess or maintenance.

A little fun…

Kaelo is all about enjoyment so there’s a 360° halo illumination at the top of the chamber that gently lights the bottle – tap the crown three times and you can choose your favourite from 27 different colours.